Scarf 發音

Scarf 發音


子音混合音 sc, sk 又到了每週四的AEIOU 發音小教室,今天要帶大家進行【子音混合音 sc, sk 的發音

"cotton scarf" 中文翻譯: 棉毛圍巾 "deauville scarf" 中文翻譯: 多維爾絲頭巾 "dice scarf" 中文翻譯: 雙嵌接 "dyed scarf" 中文翻譯: 染色頭巾 "edge scarf" 中文翻譯: 板邊嵌接豎式嵌接; 豎嵌接 "egyptian scarf" 中文翻譯: 埃及色條斜紋披布 "embroidered scarf" 中文翻譯: 繡花頭巾Etsy Has The Perfect Scarves To Match Your Unique Style. Find Accessories You'll Love. Buy Directly From Makers. Only On Etsy双语例句. He strangled her with her own scarf. 他用她的围巾把她勒死了。. She prepared for all possibilities by taking a sunhat, a raincoat and a woolly scarf. 她带了太阳帽、 雨衣和毛围巾,一切有备无患。. Wrap a scarf round your neck. 把围巾围在你的脖子上。. She wore a woolen scarf around her neck

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另外網站聽下「scarf」喺英語, 瑞典語入面點讀發音辭典.也說明:發音 指南:收聽「scarf」嘅地道英語, 瑞典語發音。包括「scarf」嘅讀音及翻譯。I wrapped my scarf tightly around my neck to keep the cold wind outscarf 的英語發音 scarf How to pronounce scarf UK /skɑːf/ US /skɑːrf/ More about phonetic symbols Sound-by-sound pronunciation UK /skɑːf/ scarf /s/ as in say /k/ as in cat /ɑː/ as in father /f/ as in fish US /skɑːrf/ scarf /s/ as in say /k/ as in cat /ɑː/ as in father /r/ as in run /f/ as in fishscarf,英语单词,名词、动词,作名词时译为“围巾;嵌接,嵌接处;头巾领巾;人名;(英)斯卡夫”,作动词时译为“披嵌接;用围巾围”。


scarf的英語: 短語和例子 n. (pl. scarfs, 〔英又作〕 scarves)1.圍巾;頭巾。2.領巾;領帶。 領結。3.披巾;腰巾。4.桌巾,臺巾。5.(高級軍政人員的)綬帶。 短語和例子 vt圍(圍巾)。2.打(領帶)。3.披(披巾)。4.蓋(臺巾)。5.用圍巾[臺布]圍[蓋]。verb [ T ] uk skɑːf us skɑːrf US (also scarf down); (UK scoff) to eat something quickly and eagerly 狼吞虎咽地吃 Lunch is usually scarfed down in five minutes before they run out to play. 他們狼吞虎嚥五分鐘就吃完了午飯,然後就出去玩了。 (scarf在劍橋英語-中文(繁體)詞典的翻譯 © Cambridge University Press) scarf的 例句 scarfscarf: n (pl scarfs 〈英又作〉 scarves)1 圍巾;頭巾。2 領巾;領帶。 領結。3 披巾;腰巾。4 桌巾,臺巾。

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